Joining new yarn, shaping neck HELP!

Hi all, I finally have time to try to shape the neck on the tank I am working on. But, I am confused! :??

Here are the instructions:
K 24 sts, join new yarn, bind off 10 sts, k to end.

How do I join new yarn if the following instructions are:

Working both sides at once, bind off 3 sts eac neck edge once, then 2 sts each neck edge 2 times, then bind off 1 st each neck edge 2 times??

I am sitting by my computer hoping someone out there can help me. Thanks!

Right now you have one strand of yarn working the whole back. That back is about to be divided. So, you knit with the strand you have, bind off with a new strand (which helps to secure it quite well, btw) and finish the row with that strand. Now you have a strand on each side so you can work each shoulder with it’s own piece of yarn.

Ingrid you always come to my rescue. But, here is my problem. I don’t know how to join the new yarn. I feel so…dumb…but I have never joined a yarn in the middle of the row. Do I tie a knot of my new ball of yarn to the old yarn and go from there? I just don’t know… :rofling:

You don’t have to do anything complicated. Just let the strand in use hang and start using the new yarn to bind off those stitches. The first stitch will appear loose, but with the binding off, everything will tighten up nicely. You don’t have to connect the two balls in any way.

Ok, I’m going to try it now. BTW, cute icon (ducky). Was the picture of you?

I’ll write back in a little bit and tell you how I’m doing. Thank you Ingrid! :slight_smile:

Ok I have 24 sts on each side but I have ONE stitch from the 10 that I bound off on my right needle - what do I do with it? :crying:

Leave it on your right needle and continue to knit across the second side. If this will give you 25 on the second side, you can bind off one more so the sides can be even.

Very often when we bind off, we count the first two stitches we knit as two bound off stitches when it’s really one if you see what I mean.

In any even, bind off that last stitch and finish the row if that will give you 24 on each side.

Ok. I will bind off one more or I’d have 25. I’ll continue working on this…Thanks!!!

I bound off the ten then I started the gradual bind offs.

Instructions read:

Working both sides at one, bind off 3 sts each neck edge 2 times…

I am working on the purl side and when I did the first three bind offs I have 21 sts on each side but the one stitch closest to the neck edge on the right hand side is not nexts to the other 20…what did i do wrong??? :crying: :crying: :crying: :oops:

Ingrid or anyone out there in knitting cyberspace, I am going to the market but will return. I want to know why I have a gap on one side. I was purling and I was supposed to bind off the last three stitches. I have the right about on each side but it looks weird b/c on the right hand side I have twenty stitches and then a gap (where I bound off) and then one stitch. What did i do wrong???

:rofling: :crying: :frowning: :oops: :oops: :blush:

You can’t bind off at the end of a row–you get a gap. I guess you’ve learned that, huh?

Always bind off at the beginning of the row at the side where you are working. For example, when you are at the beginning of the neck edge, that’s where you bind off. You won’t be able to bind off on the same rows on each side, but that’s ok–it’s not possible.

Working both sides at one, bind off 3 sts each neck edge 2 times…

So let’s say your at the point where you bound off the center ten and finished the row.

You’ll have to purl across the first side without binding off anything, bind off three on the neck edge of the other side and finish the row. You’ll then knit across the side you’re at, the bind off the first 3 at the other side and finish the row.

More simply put, bind off at each neck edge when it is at the beginning of the row for that side. Do it 3 stitches, and the next time it’s at the beginning, bind off 3 again.

Bind offs are easy to take out, so just slowly pop out the yarn from where you bound off at the end and put the stitches back on the needle and purl them.

It makes sense to me now but I ruined one side. I can’t fix it so I will have to go to a LYS to see if they can fix it for me. I can’t wait for the day knitting is actually relaxing for me. :rollseyes:

You didn’t RUIN anything!! It can be fixed.

On the side where you have the gap, just slide that last stitch off the needle, and gently pull your yarn out. Each of your bind-offs will pop out and you can just slide your needle back into the stitches. It’s really not that difficult. Just do it gently.

If, though, one of the stitches starts to try to ‘run’ check out the videos on fixing mistakes. You can easily fix a dropped stitch with a crochet hook.

Thanks Ingrid. By the time I read your email, I had long past pulled out the stitches and I had dropped stitches too. I ended up spending some time at the LYS on Monday. I now finished the neck shaping but it doesn’t look right. A few people who are working on this pattern have had this problem, except for the woman at the LYS. Some have ended up doing some crochet on the neckline to cover up the uneveness of it. I am just going to work on the other side and when I finish I’ll see what can be done. Thank you for all of your help. I am not giving up…