Joining needles back onto jumper to knit polar neck

Hi Have been following a jumper pattern and have sown raglans together and the pattern now says to pick up stitches around neck so I can carry on with neck but there are none to pick up at front of jumper only back and sides it says to pick up 9 but that would be no where near enough. Help!!!

You haven’t given very much information. Is this pattern on line somewhere where we could look at it? Have you picked up stitches before? Here is a link to a page on this site that has a free video about picking up stitches. Scroll down to it. The little camera icon is pink and blue. Pink I think is holding the yarn in the left hand and blue in the right. But I could have that backwards. :slight_smile:

Is your jumper (Is that an American sweater, or a little girl’s jumper dress that goes over a blouse?) a cardigan or a pullover?