Joining finished and unfinished knitting pieces


I’ve been a user and admirer of for a few months now, as the glossary has saved me quite a few times in my knitting misadventures!

I’m writing because I’ve got two problems that i’m not sure how to fix (if they’re fixable).

The first, I bought a pattern for a scarf that creates different squares in order to learn new stitches. I decided to make a blanket (the pattern said to simply make multiple scarves in order to make a blanket) AND I decided to also alternate the color of the squares to make it more interesting. I’m onto my fourth “scarf” and I’m realizing that I’m not sure how I’m going to connect each scarf together without a visible (and possibly ugly) seam! My original thought was simply to baste the two sides together, but with the changing yarn color, I dont know!

The second problem: I want to know if there’s a way to join two UNFINISHED knitting pieces (haven’t cast off on either one) of different colors together without making a big mess of the seam. (I made a mistake in a square in the middle of a “scarf” and didn’t realize until I had finished the scarf and I REALLY don’t want to have to undo all of the subsequent squares and redo them!)

Any and all help with either issue woule be GREATLY appreciated!



To join live sts together you can do a 3 needle BO or graft them with the Kitchener stitch. I think they’re both shown on the Tips page. Mattress stitch should work to join the edges regardless of the color you use, that yarn won’t show on the RS.

For seams on finished knitting and especially for an afghan should be reversible, I’d make a virtue of necessity and make the seam part of the blanket or throw. Ypu can crochet the scarves together using one of the yarns as an accent. Or you can try seaming with a baseball stitch that abuts the pieces rather than creating a bulky seam. (The seaming is late in this video. Don’t give up hope.)

Thanks! I’ll look into those options and see which one works best. I’ll try to post a picture of the finished product!