Joining Different Yarn Colors

This is my first knitting project. I watched my mom for years knit, but I’m not sure about everything. I want to make a scarf with two different colors of yarns. how do I join one yarn color to a different yarn color so that the scarf looks like this.

Also, when should I knit and when should I purl?


Hi Jef, and welcome!!

To change colors…I just pick up the new color and start knitting with it…later when I go back to weave in my ends I twist the two different colors over one another to close up the hole or gap you may see…

You would need to knit on the RS and then the WS purl to get the scarf to look like the picture… the knit side will create the ‘v’ and while the WS (purl side) would be the bumps.

you could cast on double the amt and just knit a long tube…then close up the ends… it will curl if you just do the scarf in St st… it needs an edge to make it lay flat… like 3/4 sts of knit on both sides at the beg and end of the scarf…3/4 rows of knit before you start the stockinette stitch and then before you bo 3/4 rows of knit… if you do a tube it shouldn’t curl… Hereis a website that gives you several options for changing color in the round…Also check out Amy’s videoon knitting in the round and changing colors…:thumbsup: