Joining an i-cord necklace

I am new to knitting. I saw a necklace made with an i-cord. It had a nice charm hanging off the front. The i-cord had been joined in the back. The joint was covered under a bead. I have not been able to find instructions on how to join i-cord ends. Can anyone advise me on this? I am thinking there are jewelry clasps which would work well for this purpose but don’t know how they would work or what they are called. Any help appreciated.


I suppose they could be joined in various ways. Can you tell us how long it is? Choker size? Long enough to put over the head?

The I-cord necklace is long enough to go over my head. I would like the option of making them with a clasp or joined together in the back. Since I don’t make jewelry, I don’t know what is available as far a clasps which would work.

Ravelry has a pattern! knit your pearls I think I’ll try something like this.