Joining afghan squares

I would like to know if there is an easy way to do this? I am wanting to joing the squares using the garter stitch, but am not sure how to begin.

Thanks for the help in advance,



Are your squares already made? Then this is a good seaming technique for that.

I’m not sure how you would join squares by knitting if they’re already done.

I just re read my post and I think I may not have been clear…I have seen afghans that were madewith squares, the person then knit them all together, kind of like framing them all. Say I wanted to use a verigated yellow in between each swaure instead of one of the solid yellows I am using to make each square. Does that make any sense? I am going to stop now because I am starting to cunfuzzle myself. LOL


So you want to have a little strip of verigated color in between each panel? If that’s the case you could just knit the strip of say 6 rows and then seams them on to the squares. Or when you are knitting the sqares, add the 6 rows of color as a border and then seam all the sqaures together.

Thank you.

Or if you crochet, that would be easier. The problem with knitting squares together is turning the corners. As Femmy said, you could knit your border onto the squares and then seam–either individually, or knit a whole strip of squares attached and knit the strips together.