Joining a new ball with mohair

Hi all,

I’m knitting the wool and the gang hotline sweater using their take care mohair (78% mohair, 13% wool, 9% polyamide).

I’m new to working with mohair and I now need to join a new ball. Is it best to split splice or should I just use my preferred method of joining a new ball?

I’ve seen a lot about split splicing mohair online so I’d like to check with someone with experience please before I go ahead!

As always thanks in advance,


Because mohair is so sticky you can hardly go wrong with any join. Even dropping the old strand then starting the new will work. If you prefer splicing that will work too.

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That’s really helpful, thank you! I just knit with both strands for approx 4 stitches. Due to the stickiness am I right in thinking I can just cut the ends off and I don’t need to weave them in?

I would still weave them in but you may only need to do that for about 3sts. It’s just so annoying to have ends come out.

Agreed - I’ll do that, thanks again :grinning: