Joining 2 fabrics sideways?

This is actually a repost, and I was hoping to get a few more ideas since I haven’t been too successful so far.

I am having to piece parts of a shawl together. I am not following a pattern, and am fairly new to knitting. Both pieces are in St st with slip-st edges. They are both square, 108 st by 144 rows. I need to sew the side of one piece to the top of the other (as cleanly and seamlessly as possible of course).

I’ve figured out that I need to sew 3 top-facing K sts for every 4 sideways-facing rows to stay even. So with a slip-st edge (1 slip-st every 2 rows right?) I’m alternating sewing 2 top-facing K st into one side slip-st and then one top to one slip (2 top/one side ; 1 top/one side rep from *).

So then I’m stuck! How does one sew as seamlessly as possible side to top facing fabric? Neither kitchener nor matress st will work i don’t think since they both require same-direction fabric.


I don’t think you can do it seamlessly - had you knitted one section and then when starting the second section you could have picked up stitches along the edge and knit the next square, but you still would have had a seam - the seam would be smaller than if sewn, but still a seam. I think you are going to have to sew them together.

Here is a link to an online book of knitting techniques with good chapters on sewing pieces together.

WOW!!! Thank you VERY much for this link. It is EXACTLY what I needed. (Not that everyone else’s input was not helpful and appreciated, the thought process actually allows me to grow as a knitter). But chapter 22 deals exactly with my issue. Having said this, if anyone else has any other suggestions, please keep them coming!

One thing though: having read the chapter, it does not show the back side of the seam suggested. I’m assuming that the reverse side shows a prominent seam. I realize that my issue cannot be resolved seamlessly. Has anyone ever done this stitch? Can you tell me from experience or simply reading the page what you think it would look like?

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This is an extremely helpful post! What I’ve read of the book is awesome! Since I’m working on writing a book on how to design your own cotton knits, the author’s viewpoint on writing patterns that everyone can understand easily and the stories she tells are extremely helpful!

Thanks for posting!

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