Joining 2 different color yarns at beginning of a row

Hi! I am knitting a hat in the round. I knitted 8 rows with blue and am now ready to start my checkerboard made up of 2 colors - white and green. The blue yarn is cut off, leaving an 8 inch tail.
I need to add the white yarn and green yarn at the beginning of the row, after the 8 rows of blue. How do I do this? I don’t want to tie knots. I have found videos for how to join one color of yarn, but nothing for 2 colors. Thanks!

Because you are knitting a checkerboard the new colors will be added at an offset, not both at the same time.

First weave in the old color while you knit the first new color. Then when you reach the following square, where you have to use the second new color, you just begin knitting with the second color. Right before finishing the first row you weave in the first new added color and when you have completed the first row you begin weaving in the other color.

Thank you for your response. We were shown in a class how to add both yarns at the same time. I just forget how! :slight_smile:

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