Join new ball of Yarn when first stitch is slipped

Hello out there! This my first time asking a question and I am not sure I am doing it the right way? Please let me know if there is a better way. The shawl I am working on has us sl1wyif on the first stitch in every row. I need to join a new ball of yarn and I am not sure if I should slip the first stitch as the pattern says and then join the yarn on the second stitch? I am not changing color just adding yarn. Any thoughts or suggestions will be much appreciated!

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In this case knitting several stitches in will be best. It’s easier to weave in the ends and the sides will look great.

Hi Jan! Thank you sooo much for the speedy response!

You’ve probably solved it by now anyhow, but I would maybe recommend an overlapping join. Then you can change anywhere, even the middle of the row–I use it all the time on projects in the round, where there IS no edge. Since I learned it, I haven’t really used any other method.

You just overlap the old and new ends, knitting with the two strands as if they were one for maybe between 3 to 8 sts, depending on how slick the yarn is. I have used it on stockinette stitch, garter, and other stitch patterns and it’s almost impossible to find the join in the finished result even if you are looking for it, despite the double thickness in those few stitches. Perhaps best thing is that there’s no need to weave the ends in afterwards because they are already secured.

Hi knitster, I will try that thanks for the idea!

No problem! Glad it might be useful.

It’s not a 100% invisible method, but usually nearly so, and very simple and easy to do…