"join a second ball of yarn"


I’m not sure what this means or how to do it. Can anyone help?

“k34, join a 2nd ball of yarn and k58, join a 3rd ball of yarn and k to the end.”


“k34 with 1st ball, p58 with 2nd ball, then k to the end with 3rd ball. Working all sections at once with separate balls of yarn, keep sts at beg and end in Garter St and center sts in St st.”

To clarify, I know what k and p and Garter St and St st mean, but everything else kind of goes over my head.



You’re going to use 2 other ends of yarn, so you’ll have 3 sections each with their own yarn. You knit 1 section, drop the yarn, pick up another strand of yarn and knit across section 2. Then drop that and pick up a 3rd strand of yarn for section 3. Each ‘row’ is all the way across, you just knit it with different ends of yarn.

thanks, that was very well explained :slight_smile: