Join a new ball to stitches just off the holder

I have stitches on the needle that I just took off a holder. Usually I join a new ball by knitting 3 stitches with the old and the new…this time I have no “old” and I’ve got to figure our how to start. I’m wondering what I have to do to secure these first few stitches…

You don’t need to attach the yarn at the start, just leave a long enough tail to weave in later and begin knitting with the yarn - 3 to 6", your preference. The first few sts may be loose for a couple of rows, but they won’t pull out and unravel; you can pull on the tail if it bothers you, but they’ll be fine.

Just hold the new end in place and start knitting. The first few sts will be loose but you can always tug gently on the end to tighten them up. When you eventually go to weave in the end, you’ll even them out by tugging on the end and weaving in and all will be well.