Joiining pocket lining to front of sweater

New to this site, but I love it already! I feel really stupid because I have been knitting for some time and this pattern is listed as “easy” but for the life of me I don’t get it! I am working on a free Lion rand pattern-Wool-ease thick and Quick Child’s hooded sweater jacket. I am up to the point where I am supposed to join pocket opening with pocket lining. Are they saying to take the stitches on the pocket lining holder off and purl them? Then what? Boy, I just don’t see how it all comes together. Any help would be great!! Thank you. :

Ok, I printed out the pattern, but I can’t seem to figure it out, either. It seems you get your lining back on the needles and attach it by purling two together at the pocket corners, I think, but from there, I’m not sure. I’ll keep looking at it, in a more quiet place–the g’kids are squabbling and I can’t get a moment to concentrate. I’ll get back to you unless, hopefully, somebody else ‘gets’ this better.

Later on in the pattern, it says to sew the pocket linings to the inside of Left and Right Fronts. So maybe they are connected at the ends and you have to sew them in later. Without having it here in front of me, though, I’m not really sure I’m picturing it.

What I would do is just blindly follow the pattern. Maybe it will become clear then.