Jogless stripes in the round

DMy current hat has many stripes, and I am not
Happy with the matching up of coloured stripes.
You tube has shown two different ways to help.
One way is when you change colours you knit the first round like normal. The beginning of the second round
You slip the first stitch as if to pearl.

The second way is the beginning of the second round You pick up the right side of the V from the stitch below in the orig colour. Put it onto the left needle and knit the two together.

I have done both. Some seem somewhat ok, others terrible. I haven’t blocked it yet since not finished.
But so disappointed I wonder if I should knit hats flat
And sew them up. But doing that with slippers and trying to use the mattress stitch…well…lets say I am not a sewer.

Here are the pix…first one lovely front, second the horror!
I don’t know if I can give this to the shelter or not.
I guess once it is blocked I will see if any better.

Uploading… Uploading…

As prev said, first pix front and second pix horror

I don’t think a shelter donation would care, warm is most important.
I don’t mind jogs, I like having a back. The hat I’m doing now doesn’t have them noticeably, I guess the yarn type, size, color is hiding them. But I boogered up the join and tails so I have that to designate the back.
So I would suggest a fuzzy less defined yarn to help hide the jog for something loaded with stripes.

Note: I have a hat with a garter stitch band, the jog in it looks like a seam.

Thank you for your advice! Fuzzy yarn great idea!!

The thin stripes also make it really difficult to hide the jog. I haven’t tried this method yet although I have done traveling joins.

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My entire post disappeared. :sob: It was a long post and I don’t remember all I said, but this should help -

First… Knitting in the round is a spiral so you really can’t have it perfect. Knitting jogless methods help, but it won’t look like the front side. It’s simply the nature of knitting in the round. Here’s a site that gives a few methods.

Single row stripes show very minimal changes and are easy. You just knit one round, pick up the new color and knit a round, drop that one pick up the original, etc. Don’t cross or twist the yarns. Really it looks better if you don’t.

Helix stripes are another method. I’ve done this several times with up to 4 colors and while it can be fiddly to keep the yarns untangled it works really well.

Wow! Thank you. Thorough info.
Will look into it tomorrow when not tired…:slight_smile:

Thank you! I love having videos. It helps a lot.

Wow! This looks amazing! Little fiddly, but I think once you get the hang of it it might be the best way. I’ll have to give it a try.

I tried helix but three colours and magic loop too much.
I love the outcome so I am buying 16" circulars today so no magic loop. When it comes to decrease I will have a major panic attack because I have NEVER USED DPNS!

Three fears. By far the biggest is how will I know which needle to knit, and when done the first how will I know which one next?

Will stitches fall off dpns!?

Will I get the dpns twisted or mixed up somehow?

Lots of you tube watching to come. But oh I love the helix stripes so will be trying and trying! I just am so scared after all the work to the crown and bam…I blow it with dpns

Any tips from you dpn pros?

This is the very best situation in which to learn to use dpns. You’ll already have a base from the initial part of the hat so no problem with twisting the needles or knit fabric.

You always know which needle you’re on and which is next by finding the working strand of yarn. Keep that needle in your right hand and you’ll be fine.

I like bamboo needles rather than metal because I’m such a loose knitter. If you tend to knit tightly you may prefer metal.

Thanks for the encouragement Mod Squad!

I agree with salmonmac. That’s how I learned to use DPN. Once you get them on the needles it will be easy to see what needle you knit next.

Wow! This looks cool!