Jogless Join?

I’m crocheting my first project in the round and just did a color change. It is quite obvious and I’m not happy with the way it looks.

Is there a way to do a jogless join in crochet (similar to the jogless join for knitting)? I’ve tried to google it, but I’m not finding anything helpful.

If it helps, I’m knitting a purse, so it is a round tube, not a flat circle. Also, it is done in SC. Any help will be greatly appreciated! I was making good time, until the color change.

You can change the color on the last st - when you yarn over for the first loop of the last st. I think. Will have to give it some thought…

Here, I found a tutorial that shows what I mean -

Since my crochet skills are so very limited (this is only my second project), I can’t say for sure, but I think that is what I did. I read somewhere (I’ve been all over the net today!) that you should add color on the last stitch of the round before you start the new round.

So on the last stitch of the brown round, I added the color (pink) on the last loop before I pulled through for the SC (so the last crochet stitch still was brown, but the loop on the hook was now pink and ready for the first stitch in the next round).

Did I do it correctly? It looks exactly like the ‘stacked spiral’ when knitting in the round (if you don’t do the jogless join). However, I may be making too big of a deal out of it because there will be a ruffle added on that row after the purse is finished, so it will cover it up somewhat. I just want to do the best that I possibly can since this will be a gift.

Yep, that sounds like it’s right.

This is prob too late but this is how i do my “in the round” joins. the way you did it works fine for flat crocheting, and joining same colors…but doesnt work so well for joining colors in the round.

Again, this is how “I” do it. works for me…may not for you.

hope this helps

Oh, wow - thanks, Melissa! That is what I was looking for! I went ahead and put the ruffle on the cupcake purse and it did hide the color join. However, I really appreciate this info because I do plan to do more crochet projects in the round and this will help greatly.

BTW - this project was fun, fun, fun!

Very Cute!!!

Glad I could help!!