Jogless jog with stripes

I’ve never seen this particular method before, but I want to try it. It’s easy and looks good in the video. Keep in mind there is no perfect method. Our goal is to improve here.


I’ve done it this way and it works fine. You need a minimum of 3 rnds with each color or you can have problems, like too many slipped stitches.


Good to know, thanks!

Thanks for sharing! Fingers crossed it works as well as hers. :slight_smile:

Thank you GrumpyGramma for mentioning that!

Now tell me, are you really grumpy?

Very. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Ask Jan or others here. They’ll tell you. I make Oscar the Grouch look good.:scream:

I’ve started doing the lift a leg of the last stitch other color up and knit it with the first stitch in the new color method lately. I tend to do one thing for a while then do something else.

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You are funny!
Thanks for your info!
Looking forward to your future posts. :slight_smile:

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You want leggings in different colors, knitting neatly, knitting quickly? Either knit on smaller needles while knitting with two + colors at once. OR use variegated yarn - you automatically get great colored leggings. JUST REMEMBER - use 12" circular needle to knit on … no seams! My motto - KNIT AND FLY!

Magic loop or traveling loop or two circs work for small diameter knitting. Socks I do on long circs, two at a time, magic loop. I do leg warmers that way too. I love having so many ways to do things, we can all find something we like!

And btw, I loved Oscar :slight_smile:

The topic here was stripes without the jog when changing colors. Since circular knitting is a spiral it’s inevitable so there are several methods to improve this. This is just one method.

A lot of people don’t like those short cables because the needles are so short. I prefer magic loop myself.

This works! Once I have more rounds I will post a pix.

Oh good! Yay!

Here is the pix. The join is by the pink marker. The blk to yellow and yellow to black was very good, but B&W joins not so good. Will fiddle when block. Still better than not doing the tip.

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Nice! I’ll have to try it with my next hat!

That looks very nice, indeed! The single row stripes are difficult. This is a fix that I have yet to try but the idea looks good:

Hi Salmonmac!

I have made helix stripe hats…it is so easy and fun.
I found an awesome video that showed not only how
To do it but how not to tangle your colours!
I used three colours like she did.
I hope this link comes through. If not it is
Helix knitting by Pepperly, and she has 3,000 likes.
Very well done!

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Very nice!

(I think the URL in your post needs a space between it and the preceding sentence.)


Thank you. Geesh. Hope to get better at this techy stuff.