Joel-n-Liliyarn Show: Awesome visitors & Ravelry!

Joel, as you know, I was hoping to have my wrap finished this weekend…no such luck, I have not gotten to do one row since Friday. This week, this week…

I really do think you are coming along VERY quickly. I enjoyed getting to see how much your knitting has improved. Rebekah and I just need to learn ya about yarns…lol…that is why I suggested lion brand’s website, they show the yarns, what they look like and what they are called.

So are you still at the snake scarf stage? What is the next stage? :XX:

:lol: I’ve moved beyond earthworm blanket… I’ve moving past snake scarf… um i guess the next size classification for this dishcloth would be…

Kitten Shawl… :lol:

Last night (Tuesday) was a very productive night for me. With Rebekah (my wife) doing school work most of the night, I mostly did knitting and watching the kids. I added another 2 inches. The best I can figure…

The current approximate measurements for this dishcloth are:

13" wide X 6.5" long … so I’m about halfway there.

On a positive side note, my hands are almost back to normal. I’m not having the pain in them this morning like I have been for the last few days since ripping up 25% of the front yard over the weekend and the flower bed Rebekah put in is pretty cool. So it’s definately worth the hard work but its taken my hands some time to recover.


LOL Joel, it took me a few posts to understand what the odd “earthworm blanket” project you were working on was. :roflhard: That’s very cute. And your progressing to a kitten shawl. Gave me a good giggle.

Next time you should post a picture of the earth worm and the kitten, wearing their temporary garments. :mrgreen:

HEY…Im sensing dollar signs here!! You could fashion a whole LINE of EARTHWORM COUTURE! :thumbsup: People will buy ANYTHING, you know!

IF i can… A) get a new card for our dig cam or borrow my neighbor’s AND B) get our dang cat to hold still long enough… I might do that just for the humor of it. :rofling:

So what do think Kelly? Have we got a good eBay business possibility here? :roflhard:


Here’s a sample of my project stitches. I “finished” it today. The finished post (and pic) will be on the FO thread.

HEY that looks GREAT! Pretty EVEN, Id say!

Welcome to week 3. The first project is done. I’m still deciding on a second project… probably another dishcloth because i need to learn purling, how to fix mistakes, and how to actually follow a pattern.


More when i figure out what the heck I’m going to make.

Ok… well the judges decision is in… still not using someone else’s pattern yet but…

here’s the gist… knit 1 row, purl 1 row, repeat. It should give me good practice working on both knitting and purling.

That’s a good plan…but, have you seen THIS SITE for dishcloth patterns?

No, I did not. Thanks! I started the second project yesterday… luckily it wont be my last project so I have plenty of time to go through that site and see what in there would be good to do.


Ok… its time to give myself a good swift kick in the pants. Luckily i have long legs… lol

I haven’t done any knitting in two days. Two friends both had computer problems at the same time. And with me getting home late the last few nights, all I’ve done is vegged in front of the TV. What’s even worse… I’m not a TV watcher. I really look forward to seeing only a couple of shows during the entire week and I’ve often missed those in favor of doing other stuff.

:zzz: :wall:

Week 4…

Well… not much new to report… I did get a little bit done on the project. I discovered that backwards casting doesnt seem to make a difference. Yes, I cast on backwards… there’s a whole different thread regarding that (with pics of the yarn I’m using on this project). Plus, as i recall i also put a post of my project in the “In-Process” thread.

Interestingly enough as I was sitting there doing a Purl row, I came up with my own rhyme for how to do it… I know Amy has one in her video but i couldnt remember what it was. Kicker is, the one I came up with has a Christmas theme. I’m considering whether to PM Amy and sharing the rhyme with her or whether to wait until much closer to Christmas.

As of current, for this project, I’m doing what I think is called the stockenette stitch… alternating knit and purl rows. I figured I’d do this so that I could continue practicing both knitting and purling.

In other news:

My wife has registered for her first semester of her program classes. She picked up her (scrubs) pants and her stethescope this last week, but had to wait for them to sew the patch on her shirts. I’ll probably get those tonight on my way home. She will be going days… alternating between Mon/Wed and Tue/Thurs classes each term.

I was unofficially told this week that my current consulting contract was extended through the end of the year. And I’ve had two recruiters contact me last week for other jobs… One of which I’m an excellent candidate for. (He submitted me for it.)

My kids have less than 2 weeks before summer break and less than 2 weeks before they go to CA for 3 weeks to spend with their grandparents (in-laws).

That’s about I’m coming up with right now.

This is all GREAT news, Joel!!! :cheering:

You ARE doing stockinette st.

And, I WANNA HEAR THAT NEW RHYME!!! Im always posting my goofy made-up song parodies here. JOIN ME!!! :happydance:


Down the Chimney… (and)
Around the Tree…
In my stocking…
A PURL for me.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

That’s great, Joel! You’ll have to think one up for the knit stitch.

Congratulations on the job news! Isn’t it nice when things start to fall into place? I always love to hear about people going back to school.

My wife thinks we came up with one when we were figuring out the Purl rhyme… but if we did, I completely forgot it.

:doh: :roflhard:

So I met with Kermit last night… and he taught me how to :frog:
At least I only lost a dozen rows or so… I’ll start it over and try it again.

Last night, I must have gotten confused because at some point, I found myself looking at 2 rows of Purls on my Knit side (of a stockinette stitch) and as I was fixing those discovered I had dropped some stitches several rows down and saw no loops to fix them.