Jodi Green Pattern

Hi I am new to this site (as of 10 min ago!!) I would like to know if anyone has worked with the Jodi Green pattern called Durrow (a man’s ribbed sweater with a cable pattern on the arms)? If so I have a specific problem with the neck opening for the front panel. If you know this pattern (and have finished it successfully) could you let me know by email ( so I could ask a couple of questions. Thanks in advance. Carol-Ann

Not a pattern i have worked with, but, if you post the section you are struggling is we may have an idea of how to help.

Hi Tarriknits
Thanks for your offer to help. I tried to type in the section of the pattern but ran out of space below. I have re-typed it as a word document but can’t attach it with this program. If you are game I can send it to you as an email attachment. If not I can scan the pattern tomorrow at work and try to attach it to this program as an image (not sure if that will work). Let me know what you think.
and thanks again for the offer.


Hi Sophie
I managed to get to my local knitting store and they sorted out the problem (it was a mistake in the written pattern).
thanks for your offer to help.

Hi Caotter–

I am glad you were able to get the problem figured out. I was going to suggest you join Ravelry if you haven’t already. There were several knitters who talked about this issue with their Durrow patterns. If there’s a pattern that is the least bit popular and there are errors or troubles with it, there is usually someone on Rav who has already discovered it. :slight_smile:

Please post a picture when you’re done. I have seen the pattern and it’s a gorgeous sweater. I’d love to see your FO.