whats everybodys intake of the work at home jobs online. i want to work from home but can’t find anything, except those online.

I work for myself (sole proprieter) online. Love working for myself! LOVE! But not making enough $$$$ - like everyone else these days. But I must say - You really feel proud of yourself when it’s YOUR business.

So, my advice. Work from home. Work online. But not for someone else. Do it for yourself. You’ll feel so much more proud of yourself.

Automobile (china) company

Alot of women I know got into designing graphic elements for digital scrapbooking and designing sewing patterns. They also sell their crafts on Etsy.

I’m a teenager who works at home. I LOVE it. :smiley:

Monidew, can you tell us what kind of work you do and how you got started? Is there a lot to do in regards to repairing for tax returns?

Sure! Happy to! If you’ll click on my signature logo, it’ll take you to my website. I have a small tea business. These are premium, handcrafted teas. I sell the teas themselves, and incorporate them into gift boxes and baskets and tea collections. I love what I do!

I got started by spending an insane amount of hours working for someone else. (STUPID) I was the manager of a healthfood store. Don’t get me wrong! I love all natural/organic healthy food. But, every week, I was spending hours and hours putting together orders to keep those shelves full. I would look at these catalogs and try to decided what I needed/wanted, what would sell, what our customers were requesting, etc. I realized at some point that there were thousands upon thousands of choices for every conceivable type of item (cereal, crackers, chips, etc.) I even said, out loud, I could fill this store with nothing but tea and I wouldn’t even have scratched the surface. Then, the lightbulb went off! TEA. I love tea. Everyone loves tea. I could be working for myself and keep the money in my own pocket by just doing tea.

Bingo. A job is born.

As far as preparing for tax season, I just started a few months ago, so I haven’t gone through a tax season yet. But, I’m keeping very accurate books (as best as I know how) and saving every single receipt. I’ll hire a tax professional this tax season and learn all I can for next season. It’s learn as you go when you work for yourself. I’ll let you know how I come out.

Now for the big question: Would anybody like some tea? :-)!


I had Quickbooks for my nursery business. The basic program is not set up exactly for my type of business, but I was able to adapt so that it worked. I could print out totals of earnings and various costs of doing business to take to the accountant so he could do our taxes. Microsoft also has a program for small business that I switched to when my Quickbooks bacame to outdated to install in a new computer (3.5" floppys). It was actually simpler and I used that until I closed down the business.
Since I carried inventory from year to year I had to file under the accrual method rather than the cash. It was too complicated for me to figure depreciation of assets etc. so I hired an accountant.