Joann's Knit Baby Dress Pattern

I have a question concerning the above pattern. After casting on, the directions state to place a marker on the needle between the first and last stitch. The skirt is worked first. Does that mean that you will knit a continuous round, so all stitches are connected (first and last)? Exactly how is that done? The pattern does not have any directions for sewing a side seam in the dress skirt, so I am assuming at this point that all stitches in the skirt are connected. I have never done this when using circular knitting needles. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

It does sound as if it’s worked in the round. After you cast on put a round marker or piece of looped yarn on the right needle, knit the first st on the L needle. There’s videos for using circs on the Advanced techniques page.

what pattern are you asking about?