JoAnn Yarn Clearance

All clearance yarn is 50% off at JoAnn…at least at mine it is…much of it is discontinued colors. There’s WoolEase Thick & Quick in several colors for $2 a skein…Lion Cotton for $1.50…Kool Wool for $1.50. Again, limited colors, but some great deals. HTH someone! :smiley:

I gotta go :shock: :shock: :shock:

Cotton Ease is being discontinued…I stocked up on some last night not realizing it was 50 off the discounted price…i am going to stop this AM and get some more!

I was all excited until I realized that they won’t ship to me at all. :crying: There’s so much neat stuff that I can’t get easily because I live up here in the Great White North.
However, I was at Michael’s today buying some stuffing for the knit piggy I’m working on (and a button for the purse I knit this week on night shift) and I discovered that they had TLC Ultra Soft on sale - 5 oz. skeins for $1 apiece! Naturally, I stocked up. :happydance:

Oh really! I might need to go check it out!

I went to the Solon Joann’s and they had a bunch of the cotton ease. I bought…shall we say…ALOT. I bought 10 skeins each of hot pink, turquoise, orange and red. I figure if I end up not needing it, someone out there will! I was so excited!!!

Am I the only one who’s JoAnns has pretty much nothing in the yarn department? Well, besides two hundred balls of homespun and some giant watermelon sized balls of acrylic? I’m exaggerating, but only slightly! :frowning: I went there today and couldn’t find anything. Though I did use my 50% off coupon to buy some non-knitting related things.

My JoAnns is like that, too. Lots of fabric and crafty stuff, but cheap-o, crap-o yarn that I can’t even stand to touch. They only have needles in a few “medium” sizes. Maybe because we have Michaels and A.C.Moore in the general vicinity, they tend to specialize in fabric, the only one around here who does anymore.

Yeah, there is a Michaels just across the street, so maybe that’s it. I wanted to find these clearanced yarns though! Oh well. I don’t need any anyway!

Its funny that as soon as they say ‘clearance’ or ‘discontinued’ we just HAVE to have it. Now. Because of course, this yarn will never, ever be duplicated by anyone, ever again. I once bought a bunch of “discontinued color” because of these irrational fears. For chrissakes, it was light blue! Don’t see that around much anymore. Good thing I grabbed it. :rollseyes:

went there today and it was every last bit of yarn that was on “clearance” was already gone. I noticed there was almost nothing in needles either…lot of crochet and about 4 knitting. didn’t leave with anything that would appear to be used for knitting. oooooooooooh well