Jewelry Making

Is anyone here experienced (or even a novice) in jewelry making? I think I want to add this to my craft repetoire but am overwhelmed in where to start. I particularly like beading.
Any books or websites with easy to understand tutorials?

This was my original love! I’m trying to get back to it now, actually, to sell on Etsy.

There’s quite a few different types of jewellery making, ranging from stringing beads and adding a clasp, to complex bead-weaving, through wire work and silversmithing. If you want to make jeweller’s grade jewellery, or work with silver other than wire or PMC, look into taking a course at your local art college - the techniques are best learned in person. If you’re more interested in working with beads and wire, there’s plenty of great resources out there!

Here’s some to get you started:

This site has great patterns for jewellery and beadweaving :

To learn the basics of beadweaving:

Particularly look for peyote stitch and square stitch - they’re the easiest to learn and the most versatile (brick stitch is also very popular, although I hate it - have never got the hang of it!).

If you have any questions or get stuck with anything, give me a shout, I’d be glad to help out! I’m beading all the flowers for my wedding (sculptural peyote, herringbone and square stitch) and love working out new things :slight_smile:

These people are the best,IMO, at least for us in the States. As your order grows, the prices decrease,and they are FAST getting your order to you.

I’ve done a bit of beading before. I would start with a book or a magazine that has some simple, basic projects. Go and get beads and whatever else the project calls for at a local bead store. They can help if you get stuck. Most also offer classes with materials included in the cost.

If you use the on line sites, try buying a kit at first that has everything included for a project. Otherwise, trying to figure out what to buy might be confusing.

I don’t bead too much anymore. DD is 2 and it is too much of a choke hazard if I drop beads on the floor, etc. But I do plan on getting back into it. I have a moderate stash of beads and supplies.

Happy beading!


This site has some great kits and instructional videos:


I made bracelets a few years ago. For Julianne’s birthday this year I set her up with a huge kit. I accumulated beads, wire, tools, and all the stuff for months before. She wears something different to school everyday and gift-giving for her friends got a lot easier!

thanks everyone for your suggestions. This is overwhelming but once it clicks I think I wil be spending some of my yarn money on this stuff!