Jean Greenhowe Dinosaurs

I put my questions in the whatcha knitting category, but I thought more people would see them here. I ordered Jean Greenhowe’s toy collection to make the knitted dinosaurs for my boyfriend’s niece’s b-day. I haven’t gotten the pattern yet, but I wanted to order the yarn, so I can get started as soon as possible, and I have a few questions for those of you who have made these before. First, online it says you are supposed to use double knit yarn. I was wondering if I could substitute with 100% cotton. I’m not real sure what double knit yarn is, and I found some sugar 'n cream in some really fun colors. Next, does it take more than one 50g ball to make a dinosaur? Thanks in advance for your help!

I made two of the Greenhowe T-rex dinosaurs. One out of a DK weight recycled wool, and one out of pakucho organic cotton that would be similar in weight to your sugar 'n cream. The wool dino stands about 6" tall and the cotton one stands about 7" tall.

While the cotton dinosaur was “ok” it was harder for me to get it to seam up smoothly and stand well. The cotton isn’t as flexible at that weight for turning and stuffing the arms and small parts, so the over all effect was more rustic. The cotton worked great for one of her little dolls and for her stuffed deer toy which had larger parts, but I just wasn’t as happy with it for the dinosaur.

DK is simply a weight of yarn designation. The chart below gives a general idea of where it falls… a little heavier than sports weight, a little lighter than worsted weight. With toys, it’s not a huge deal, just that heavier the yarn and larger the needles, the bigger the toy (and thicker the seams). Smaller may mean tiny parts like the T-rex arms, can be harder to stuff… so it’s a balance but not really that critical.

Typical gauge for 4" or 10cm 28-32 stitches
Typical needle size 0-3 US 2-3.25mm

Typical gauge for 4" or 10cm 24 stitches
Typical needle size 3-6 US 3.25-4.25mm

Typical gauge for 4" or 10cm 22 stitches
Typical needle size 4-6 US 3.50-4.25mm

Typical gauge for 4" or 10cm 20 stitches
Typical needle size 6-9 US 4.25-5.50mm

I will sometimes double lighter weight yarns and use those instead. I Pick a needle size for whatever yarn I’m using that gives a nice firm fabric (so the stuffing doesn’t show through) while still being nice and plyable. I think I used a 2 or 3 for the wool dino and a 4 or 5 for the cotton dino.

I would personally stick with DK or sportweight for these. I find recycled sweater wool, with how ever many strands I need to get the desired thickness, works really well for toys like these.

You can see the cotton and wool dino I made here The picture isn’t great, but might give you an idea of the difference.

Mama Bear

Thanks for your help! I think I’ll stick with the DK.