Jaywalkers are done!

I love this pattern! And a special thank-you to Rebecca, my swap partner this past summer, for sending the yarn!

I think Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin would like these…

woohoo, harry potter!!
you should make a mini-pair and send them to teddy lupin! :eyes:

Those are great! One of these days I’ll have to get up enough nerve to try and knit a pair. And those are Tonks colors.

They’re really not hard! It’s just a two-row pattern that you’ll have memorized in a couple of rows. You can do it!

Those are awesome! Go Tonks! :cheering:

They look great :inlove:. I love that pattern. I have made two pairs but I have not used self-striping. I have been trying to resist the urge to make another pair and expand my horizons a little, but hey it’s a great pattern.:wink:

Those look great! :thumbsup:

Looking gooood :thumbsup:!

They look awesome! I love Tonks! Did you have any problems with the sizing? I just finally started mine, I tryed knitting on different needles and different # of sts cast on. I finally got something that works, US 2 and 76 sts cast on. :woot:

They look wonderful!! :woot:

I started with US 2 DPNs, but the sock turned out super-floppy. Then I switched to size 1 DPNs. Then one broke, so I switched to Addi size 1 on Magic Loop (which I just LOVE, by the way!) However, Addi needles are sized slightly differently than US needles; Addi size 1 needles are US size 1 1/2.

I love your Jaywalker.