Jaywalker Help

I know not everyone here is on Ravelry, but I’m having trouble even finding a forum there to ask this question. I’m already frustrated enough with this pattern, so any help would be awesome!

This is my first time doing chevrons of any kind. I have thicker ankles, so I did the larger version.

In the pattern, you cast on 84 stitches. The chevron pattern is as follows:

Rnd 1: knit around
Rnd 2: *k-f/b, k8, dd, k8, k-f/b; * repeat a total of 4 times.

Doing this leaves stitches left over. I’ll get to the end of the 4th repeat and then up to the dd left over.

Am I doing something wrong or does it mathematically not add up that stitches are left at the end? Help please!

Thanks. :smiley:

Doing the math, I shouldn’t have stitches left over. So unless I’m doing double decreases wrong (which is just a double skp – the instructions says: “s1, s1, k1, p2so.”

So I wander what I’m doing wrong. Unless I’m just not counting right. <headscratch>

It should add up fine, and at the end you still have your full st count, so I’m not sure what’s going on there. I count that the repeat uses 21 sts: k-f/b (1), k8, dd (3), k8, k-f/b (1) = 21. Then 21x4 = 84

In a case like this, when I know it should add up, I usually put st markers as I go after every repeat. I also re-count the sts in the repeats, just to see where I’m going wrong.

Something else you can try is, with scrap yarn and different needles (if you don’t want to undo your project) is just cast on the number of sts for one repeat and practice.

So, cast on 21 sts and work it through. Maybe you’ll see what the problem is that way.

Thanks! It may help for me to do it on a different sent of yarn. I’m in love with this yarn and I want to see it knit up. I keep having to frog what I’ve done because of this mistake.

I put a lifeline after the ribbing (where the chevron pattern begins) so I can pull back to there and try again. I just wanted to make sure that the math fits. :slight_smile: