Japanese Belly Warmers

Does anyone know if there is a pattern for the Japanese Belly Warmers I saw in that huge load (21 pages worth) of knitting patterns and such that was posted yesterday (or maybe the day before, STML.)?

I’d really love to make one for under those shirts and sweaters that are just a wee bit too short now (shrunk in laundry but still love 'em).


You mean like this one?
Doesn’t seem as though you’d need a pattern.

Cast on enough stitches to fit snugly around your waist;
knit until it’s as wide as you want it (using any stitch that appeals to you); bind off and add some buttons.

Bingo, warm belly.

Alternately, if you hate casting on:
cast on enough stitches for the width you want;
knit until it fits around your waist.

Wow, those are really cool! They seem like an excellent piece for beginners too, or anyone wanting to trying out a new stitch pattern or technique.

I wonder, could it be done in one piece, in-the-round? Or would it get too stretched out from pulling it over your head?

I made one of these for myself in college! I’ve never seen a pattern for it. I called it a belly warmer too. I knit it in white and wore it [I]under [/I]my shirt. I love the idea of wearing it outside the shirt, even better! Those are awesome!

Wandersfar, I did mine in one piece, no buttons. Just be sure to wash and dry your swatch, and then stretch it like you would when wearing it, before taking gauge from it.

i’m now planning to make one in double knit fabric
soft silk or cotton innerlayer, wool on the public side

Oooooooo I gotta make one of those!
I wonder how well it would work if I knit the piece, then put a fleece “liner” in it.
Extra warmth for SD winters…yuuummy.

Here’s a pattern from knitscene. It’s called [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]bandeau.[/FONT][/COLOR] (Scroll down, it’s number 27). She’s not exactly wearing it as a belly warmer, but still, seems like what you might be looking for.

Here’s a tutorial for a sewn version. I’m gonna give this a try soon.

:drool: Oh my oh my oh my! I need one of these so badly!

I’ve never heard of them or even thought about something like this. I have the grumpiest tummy EVER! As soon as it’s just a little bit cold, I get a stomach ache. It feels as though my stomach contracts and it hurts a lot.

I’ve considered wearing one of those heat patches that heat up when you open it and you stick it onto your stomach (or hands, they make them for mountain climbers too), but they are very expensive, even if they last up to 8 hours.

This is ideal! I love it, it looks pretty too, especially in this pic:

I’m going to knit up some and sew some in pretty fabric, for good measure. It’s Spring now, but come next Winter, I’m going to be ROCKING these belly warmers! Thanks so much for introducing me to it :mrgreen:


How did you decide what circumference to use? and did you rib the entire thing? Was it lined?


I made that for myself for Christmas last year. I had a lot of problems with it deciding to slip down and spent the entire day pulling it up. I think if I wore it as a belly warmer it would have been better.

BUT I was so disappointed I dropped it in the Goodwill box on the way home from Christmas celebrations.

Oh, that’s too bad. I wondered about it wanting to slip down. Using it as a belly warmer is a much better idea.

Yes, I could never even consider wearing strapless anything, but I saved the picture of the bandeau for colour inspiration. It’s very pretty, I might consider adding some straps to keep the thing up, it’s that nice…

But first, lots and lots of AWESOME belly warmers!

i love the idea of this. a way to help hide the pudge i’ve grown back again over the past couple months with all the stress.
and a neat way to knit just half a sweater and try out some new stitches at the same time! i love that!

i like the idea of knitting one to wear under tshirts. kinda hanging out the bottom? perfecto!

I just bought something similar for the first couple weeks of my pregnancy. My regular pants are too small and maternity pants are too big so these bands sit right on yoru hips over your unbottoned and partially unzipped pants. They really help. It would be cute to do one with ribbing for flexibility and a lace edge poking out of the bottom like a pretty cami!

Thanks for the ideas ladies!

Oh wow I love those! What great ideas too. I want one.

Those Japanese, clever clever. I like the idea about some lacey bottom on it! You could also do an eyelet at the top and run some Icord through to tighten it up if you’re worried about it slipping down. Well, lots of things, some buttons on an open piece…

Oh wow! That is just what I need to keep my tummy from showing between my jeans and tops.:aww: I’m super long waisted, and this will be perfect!:cheering: I’m thinking cashmere…:inlove:

Those would be so warm under shirts or sweaters. I think I’ll consider making one to try out this winter. :O) If it was long enough it would tuck into my jeans or outdoor pants to be sure of no gaps for wind to blow into! Cool idea! samm

I purchased the materials I’ll need for my first belly warmer today. I have one BIG project OTN that I really want to get done first, then I’ll start, but I’ve already planned exactly what it’s going to look like. I’m so excited! I hope it comes out like I’m planning.

:woot: So cool!