January KH-KAL: Seamless blanket project!

Ok, so here we are! January 1, 2009!

The “planning” thread has been closed…we can’t post in it anymore, however, you might like to read the notes that everyone posted. It was suggested that we close the planning thread and begin the actual KAL with fresh new thread.

The seamless blanket project can be worked in two ways:

  1. the Log Cabin style
  2. the Traditional Blocks/Squares style (using intarsia technique across the rows that removes the need to seam the blocks together)

Also, you can use up similar weights of STASH YARN, making your blanket into what I affectionately call a “seamless stashghan”! Many of our knitters are down with using up stash yarn, but others will purchase “on sale” yarn!

Whatever floats your boat! :teehee:

It should be made clear that this blanket doesn’t have to be completed during the month of January. Many of you have other projects rolling, and cannot devote your undivided attention to the seamless blanket project! That’s ok! Some of us just don’t have enough stash yarn to finish the blanket…and that’s ok, too! You can add rows and blocks to this blanket as stash yarn becomes available to you!

The[B] Log Cabin[/B] free pattern (two sizes, two styles) is located here.
Of course, the intarsia method for the [B]Traditional Blocks/Squares [/B]style blanket is demonstrated here in Amy’s video clips.

I began my Log Cabin (the Moderne baby blanket) this morning while DH and I were watching HANCOCK on OnDemand! :teehee:

I am using worsted weight acrylics, and a US8 needle.

OK, then! Let’s roll!

PS: here is small photo of a finished Log Cabin Stashghan:

:yay: Yay. I got mine started. I’m doing the log cabin. I got my center square done and am on my second “log”. Should we post progress pics as we go? I’ve never done a KAL before, so I really don’t know what we do here.

Oh let’s definitely post progress photos! :cheering::cheering::cheering:

Reminder: always bind off with a right side facing you.

I would also like to add that you can do any pattern if log cabin isn’t your thing. The idea is to make any blanket with stash yarn. :thumbsup:

Hi, Ladies!
I decided to do the adult Moderne LC in MDK. I will start my first block after I finish this post. I’m already having a blast and I haven’t even started!:woohoo:
I have wanted to do a KAL with Artlady ever since I read an old post of a KAL you hosted, LOL! You were so meticulous and gave everyone so much information! Much nicer than the experience I had had with my one and only KAL.

I am using worsted weight acrylic/wool blend, size 8US needle. I plotted the colors as well as I could, I don’t have enough in my stash to plan the whole 'ghan. However, that’s part of the fun :wink:

Posting pics sounds great. Let me get off here and get started.


Oh oh oh! raises hand me me me!! Ok, now i must get started… looks left, looks right checks yarn stash… trip out to … yarn store… woot.

I’ll be starting mine tomorrow, I went and smashed my finger last night (got the tip caught between the edge of the table and the top of the dining room chair… didn’t think the table was that heavy! and No, it’s not broken, just really bruised but the swelling has already gone down a LOT) and the baby kimono wasn’t going so well afterwards (it’s easy to see where my tension changed because i couldn’t crook my pinky like i usually do to keep the tension even) and i frogged it…

tomorrow night i go to a SNB meetup… be the perfect thing to bring along :slight_smile:

I am doing the Moderne Baby Blanket Log Cabin style…and I have finished logs 1-3 and have cast on for log 4! :woot:

BTW: I use a slim Crystal Palace crochet hook to pull yarn through the edge for the “picking up stitches”. It is so much easier. When I get about 20 stitches loaded onto the crochet hook then I slide them off the other end onto the knitting needle, turning them around in the right position as I go. I also place a stitch marker every 20 stitches so that I don’t have to re-count stitches a zillion times.

Garter stitch may be boring, but it sure is easy to work on while watching old movies and such! We watched old movies all day…and the Dog Whisperer re-runs!

It’s been torrential rain all day…really lousy sloppy foggy socked-in weather. Nice day to knit and hunker down on the sofa with 3 dogs!

I’ve started my Stashgan and the yarn of total evillness has finally started to behave… Only to find that it is a heavier weight than “Recommended”. which means I’ve been playing with a calculator and measurements all afternoon to try to work out how to gain maximum destashability. so when I get back from our holidays I’m going to frog my second log, and redo it doubled up.

Thank you so much for that idea! I’m on my 4th log and was already starting to hate counting several times for each one. I will definatley be doing this. Thanks again. I’ll post a pic at the end of the day.

I’m not sure how much I’ll get to work on it today. DD (11 months old) is sick, she was up all night and is very clingy right now. I will work on it when I can though.

Hi Everyone… I got started on my log-cabin stashghan late yesterday afternoon after un-decorating from the holidays and getting a few other things done around the house, then the evening was devoted to this knew KAL. I’m using Caron Simply Soft and US6 needles in pastels for the baby size.

I just love the garter stitch as I can just knit, knit, knit and not think and most of the time, not even look, so it was perfect for watching some hockey last night. I was having so much fun, I stayed up way past midnight again last night, so am dragging a bit today… but I got blocks 1-3 done and a bit of block 4. I’m looking forward to working on it over this coming weekend too.

I thought at first my gauge must be off because the first two blocks seemed bigger than I had imagined they would for a baby size, but I measured gauge and all was fine, so did a little figuring based on the pattern picture and number of rows on the remaining blocks, and it should come out pretty close to the stated finished size, maybe a little bigger, but that won’t matter. I’m not sure I’ll have enough stash yet in the four colors I chose, but I’ll improvise if I don’t and add a couple more colors if I have to.

Glad to be a part of this KAL… my first… and so far, so good! I look forward to getting to “know” all of you through this project.

Happy New Year!

Hi Weezie! :waving: I noticed the same thing myself! The logs for the baby blanket size are much bigger than I thought they’d be!

But my gauge is ok…and since the overall size of my blanket doesn’t matter much, I’m ok.

I think gauge would be a definite issue if some had purchased all the yarn specifically for this blanket. You wouldn’t want to come up short on yarn, nor have a lot of yarn left over.

I’ve started and done 4 blocks but i’m just makin it up as i go along at the moment so i’m not worried about the size, when its big enough I will know! Startin to get a bit stuck now tho cos I don’t have a circ in the right size, been using straights and am now beginning to run out of room! Hope my options turn up soon!

I have completed logs 1-4…and will pick up 96 stitches with the pink for log 5 along the top edge of this photo below!

These are my 4 colors…and I hope they will take me to the finish line.
Pink is log 1, purples is log 2, teal is log 3, and rainbow is log 4.

All of these yarns are leftovers from sweaters I’ve made my grandbabies! Some of these yarns are 7 years old! Sigh.
That means that my grand[I]babies[/I] are now grandchildren! :pout:
I miss their chubby little legs, arms and cheeks!

That’s REALLY pretty!!!

What’s neat is that I can remember every sweater I made using each of these yarns! And so can the kids!


Here’s what I have so far. I wanted to get done with the cream colored log tonight, but I had to redo the dark green one over do to an unfortunate incident involving my 3yo DS and a pair of scissors!!! Lesson learned, don’t leave them alone together. Sometimes I forget what he’s able to reach now.

I really have no idea what I’m doing, I’m just making it up as I go!

is casting on… cept… not in all the colours i wanted :frowning:

Artlady - I love the story behind your blanket. Bet all the memories come floding back as you are working on it. Makes this an even more precious knit. looks great.

Lieuvena - your blanket looks great so far. I have a 2.5 year old daughter which is the reason I use circular needles for everything, harder to for her to pull the stitches off. How do you like your Options/Harmony?

Thanks. I LOVE them. I just bought a cable and one pair of size 7 in both to see which ones I liked before I took the plunge. It was hard to decide but I love the Options! I will be ordering them very soon. I will probably get the Harmony dpns later.