Jane Austen on PBS

Good way to spend an evening. Anyone like to read Jane Austen?
PBS is airing her works, each Sunday night.

i’ve been recording them on DVR - they did persuasion last week, not sure what’s on tonight…

Ohhh thanks sooo much… I am having my husband record them… my daughter loves them too…

I’ve watched most of them! My dad burned them for me at Christmas. I absolutely LOVE Jane Austen. I thought Persuasion was just great and I cried through most of it…anyone else? Northanger Abbey was great as well, not quite as Austen in my opinion, but still really good. I didn’t really like Billie Piper in Mansfield Park, but mostly because I felt like she needed to brush her hair all the way through! I’m reading Emma right now and LOVING it, it’s one of the ones I haven’t seen- so I can’t wait!

Huge Jane Austen fan here. I’ve never read Northanger Abbey, so I’m not really getting into it tonight, but I did enjoy Persuasion immensely. I’m waiting for Emma and, of course, P&P, my favorite. A friend got it for Christmas on DVD, but since she already had it she sent it to me. :slight_smile: I’m still waiting for it to be on PBS, though, because for some reason the color is so much better on tv than it is on the DVDs. When I finish my current book I want to read either Emma or Sense & Sensibility.

Ah this reminds me that I forgot to watch Northanger Abbey tonight. Oh well. I’m excited to see the old Sense & Sensibility and Emma! I’ve only seen the newer versions with Emma Thompson and Gwyneth Paltrow. Of course I’m going to read the books whenever I find the time…

Northanger Abbey was one of her earlier books, not published until after her death, I think.
She was poking fun at society’s obsession with romance novels.
Persuasion was good, Captain Wentworth was perfect for her. I was glad she didn’t accept Mr. Elliott’s proposal, especially since that woman told her how awful he was!
Husband is also taping them for me.

cute blue eyed dog there…is he your dog?

I rank Austen right after Shakespeare and Dickens, but while Shakespeare is meant to be confined in a finite amount of time which is also suitable to television or movies, neither Dickens nor Austen can be. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be attempted, just that it can never succeed to everyone’s satisfaction. In my area, only “Persuasion” and “Northanger Abbey” have been broadcast so far. Since so much of Austen’s story-telling and social observations are contained in neither dialogue nor scenery, and voice-overs or diary-entries only take one so far, much cannot be conveyed.

Persuasion and Northanger here, too. I think the movies leave out a lot, you have to [U]read[/U] her books to appreciate her.

Of course it’s better to read them- isn’t it always? I usually hate the movie version of the book, or am at least dissapointed by it. I like the Jane Austen movies because you get a “quick fix” to your Austen craving. The book is always so much more complex and in-depth. I love the detail in the books, but it’s also nice to SEE everything, you know?

Love Jane Austen, not all the adaptations are great but its worth the time to watch them. I didn’t like the new P&P with Kiera Knightley - I just thought the Colin Firth version was so much better. It was worth watching for a different take on it though. I have found that the books are so much better than the adaptations, in my opinion. I had to read a few of them in English Lit and she’s been my absolute favourite author ever since!