Jan in Ca. ot anybody? about Picket edging

Jan, You sent the following Christening pattern which I’m doing.

The Picket edging is new to me and I’d like to understand it before I get to that part. After skirt is knitted - C.O. 17sts at end of row. K16, K2tog., turn (that’s 18 sts). Since it begins with 17 sts and then says 18 does this mean the edging is knitted at a right angle to the hem and that the 18th st. comes from and joins it to the hem? It must be something like that because it doesn’t mention sewing the edging to the hem. I know I’ll learn by doing it but need a little expert advice.
Also, what would be best to hold one row of 429 sts. picked up and knitted to the bodice? They indicate ‘needle’, singular. Will try a circular but don’t know if that will be enough.
Ideas welcome.

Yes, the k2tog is 1 st from the edging and one st from the skirt.

I’ve never heard of that either so all I can tell you is to follow the pattern and come here for help if you run into it while you’re doing it.

[COLOR=Silver]:psst: Also- I suggest you make a copy of that pattern and print it out now. I think it’s a violation of copyright posting that in her blog.[/COLOR] :shifty:

Thanks Jan, I love learning new things but this time I feel a little non compos mentis! In short, chicken!

I don’t know what I’d do without the experts on this forum. I’ve knitted for 40 yrs - since we had to use dinosaur phalanges for needles, but doing things wrong or only easy things for that period of time doesn’t make for good knitting. I may have more problems with this pattern and I don’t have much time to experiment. I always begin by studying the pattern and doing a small part of the pattern to get “all the stupids out” before having umpteen stitches on my needles. So far, so good.
Many, many thanks

I noticed in your pattern that it says you need 4mm needles, but when you start on the skirt, it says to use 4.5mm needles…which one is correct?

Probably use both…

Cougar 1,
I suspect the needle sz. of 4.25mm. is just a typo. I’m using US3’s and 1’s for a lighter weight yarn and my gauge tends to be pretty loose. It’s a great pattern that solves some problems but creates some too. Can’t wait to finish it. I’d better or the baby will be getting Christened in a onesie!