Jan in Ca and Knit Ball

Jan… could you resend those patterns for the Knit balls, the toys and the thumb puppets… I cant seem to find it in my threads

thanks so much

I made the juggling balls for our son for Christmas. They turned out really cute. They were also quick and easy, but no fun because it’s such tight work.

Here’s the balls I made -

I’m not sure which finger puppets and toys you mean though. Can you clarify which ones you wanted? I mean like a specific type of toy or puppet?

Ah thanks for those patterns… just what I wanted. As far as the finger puppets and other things you sent Jan, I will go back in my threads to find them.
I think they ended up burried in some other topic, maybe the premmie hats I was talking about in one thread.

I do know the link you sent was an entire page of small toys to make, thumb or finger puppets, a bear I think. They were just adorable.
Ive done some toys crochet before, and some look so cheesy. The ones you sent were very nice looking in knit

Here are some knit finger puppets:


Oh those are great… thanks a bunch