Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Aran

Have you used it? Do you have a picture of a swatch or project? Does it pill? Stretch? Do you hand wash? (some online stores say hand wash, but yarndex says machine wash).

I’m considering using it to make Tubey and wanted some opinions.
Thanks so much!

This is a lovely yarn, I’ve used it in both aran and double knitting but it is now discontinued so I’m trying to buy up as much as I can before it’s too late! It does pill a bit, but not for a while and no more than any fine merino wool. It is lovely and soft too and can be machine washed, but be careful to put it on a ‘wool’ wash only as if not treated gently it can felt. It is beautiful to knit with also, yes, I do like it…a lot!

This is completely off topic but I just clicked on the link to the Tubey pattern and you can see my house! HeHeHe.

addicted, thank you for your review! I’ll be sure to buy a bag then and get planning on my sweater. Glad to know it doesn’t pill much. I’m thinking I’ll get the color Aubergine… hmm which ones do you like?

bagel, are you kiddin’ me? do you live in that building behind the model?