Jacquard technique anyone?

Hi, I’m new to the forums and I’ve been knitting for a mere 3 years. Things were fine until i came across a pattern telling me to use a jacquard technique with no information on said technique. i ploughed ahead anyway, hoping to figure it out like I usually do, but this one has got me puzzled. can you help me out?

Amy has a video of it on here. Go to Advanced Techniques, scroll down. Hope that helps.

I believe this is referring to some type of machine knitting…perhaps a fair isle technique?..I’m not at all sure, I’m not familiar with it.

Jacquard is an umbrella term that covers multi-colored knitting in which the yarn is carried across the back (in other words,

Fair Isle and stranded knitting are forms of jacquard, and the video that ContiKnitter mentions is a good introduction.

For more on the subject, Montse Stanley’s book, “Knitter’s Handbook” is an excellent sourse of information. She even includes two-sided jacquard, which sounds like a oxymoron, but isn’t.

thanks for the help guys.