Jack The Ripper

The Jack the Ripper case has interested since I first learned about it as a kid, I’ve always enjoyed a good mystery and I’d say this one was the ultimate mystery story (romance novels bore me to death!) ;). I’m not into gory movies or anything.

Last night a great old 1944 movie (fiction based on fact) called The Lodger was on TV so I went online to try to find some pics of the real victims to show my mom and I found a site with lots of info on the case, it’s http://www.casebook.org.

I’ve read a couple of books on the subject, of great interest is the wide variety of clues and suspects.

Funny how crimes committed in 1888 could still be of interest and wouldn’t it be wild if somehow our modern technology could shed some light on the subject…as, for example it apparently did in the Lizzie Borden case. I saw a documentary where they took the light spectrophotometer into the basement of the house and found that there was at one time a GREAT amount of blood in the basin in the basement of that house - indicating that SOMEONE washed away a lot of blood in that spot.

I’ve always had a fascination with the Jack the Ripper Case, as well as poor Lizzy Borden.

There was some speculation that the Queen’s Consort was Jack, others speculated that it was another member of the royal court.

There’s a Jack the Ripper museum in London . . . tiny place, but interesting.

Haha - when I read the title, I though this must be a new term for frogging!:happydance:

LOL, you might have something there!!! :teehee: