Jack Skellington: Pattern?

I am looking for a scarf pattern (or any pattern) with Jack on it. Anyone know of one?

I did a google search, and I havent found a scarf pattern yet but I found this:


I never even thought of knitting jack! how cute!!!


I am searching for an expression that I like, and I think I’ll try my hand at making a pattern using that grid paper.

Do let us know if you come up with anything, and maybe share the pattern. I LOVE Jack. :slight_smile:


How great! I also love Jack! I’m going to make one up hopefully this weekend. I just have to go through my stash and find some black and white yarn. I know I have some here - somewhere - now where DID I put it? :??

If you have a pic you could use KnitPro to make a graph. It makes graph making much easier.

Here is the image I came up with. I uploaded it to the KnitPro link (see post above) and Yaay! I have a pattern. I plan to knit the scarf in black with Jack’s mug in white on one end of the scarf. I think it will be fun!

That’s a great graph! I was not familiar with Knit Pro, but what a great tool to have access to! I’m so glad you shared with us!

When anyone has made up Jack, please post pics!

I tried this before and it might work for you. Pixel art is just like a knit chart in my opinion. Find a pic of jack that you like… save the pic to your comp… open the pic from where ever you saved it at and then zoom into it. You will see a bunch of squares that look just like a chart.

Hope that helps.

Here is one that I have found


Here is another one I got a while ago. Just copy it (cuz there is no telling when I got it lol) and zoom into it. You will sorta see a chart. Maybe that’ll help. Knit pro is great and all but I always want the outline of the object to be more crisp. Maybe you can put this and knit pros help together.

of course I have plenty of white yarn but i dont have any black…its one of those days for me… but Jack is a pretty smart idea, kudos, i saw that doll and that seems simple enough i could make some for christmas

In the pattern it says to make 1 ~ which type of make 1 did you use? I checked out the ones that Amy has listed, and I’m not quite sure which one would be best for this. :??

i started making the doll and im pretty sure im going to be using that facial expression. according to disney they made over 150 official facial expressions for Jack merchandise wise. im going to make it so i can saftey pin the arms around my pocketbook strap, yet if anyone is making the doll i making the white shirt, jacket tails, and hands instead of just the full black body and the head. so far i have the body done and i started on thearms hopefully by tomorrow ill have it done and ill take pics and put it in “Whatcha Kntting?” board. so all NMBC fans can take a peak.
Shawna “Gumdrop” :heart:

I started my Jack Skellington today. So far I have the head and one piece of his body done! I look forward to seeing pics of yours!

It’s quick and easy to knit up, which is a great little project. I’m going to make a few and give them for little Halloween “treats” to my brother and sister-in-law who are big NMBC fans too! :cheering:

im going to be knitting them up and give them to some of the guys in my drama club. NMBC is a favorite among our school, lol
Shawna “Gumdrop” :heart:

How fun! I’m a big Tim Burton fan. NMBC is still my favorite. I liked “Corpse Bride” too, but NMBC is still my favorite!

I hope to get my Jack finished over the weekend. I’ll see if I can borrow my neighbor’s camera to take a pic and I’ll post it when I get it done! Please post yours too!