J Crew Hat help

okay, I really want to make the J Crew hat for my father-in-law but I’ve run into a problem before I’ve even started. I was searching through what I thought were sport weight yarns and fell in love with three heather colors in Lion’s Wool Ease. I THOUGHT I was looking at the wool ease sport weight.

I really don’t want to change colors, since I adore these :heart: but when I try to figure out how many stitches I need to cast on to compensate for the 4-ply worsted-weight yarn of wool ease, my eyes cross and I pass out for 10 minutes. :shock: [size=1]okay I’m exaggerating[/size] But I really need help figuring this one out. :thinking: :??

When I’ve made hats with worsted, I’ve used about 80 stitches to start. If you don’t get better advice that that (I’m sure you will) see how it looks and adjust accordingly. Just make sure you do a mulitple of four so your ribbing will be even.

I checked the gauge for the yarn you want to use and it’s 4.5 stitches per inch on size 8. The original pattern uses 114 stitches = 19inches. That means you’d need 85.5 stitches for the new yarn. I’d cast on 84 (I agree with Ingrid on keeping to a multiple of four for the ribbing) and increase 2 stitches in the first round of stockinette stich just like the pattern says. After that it’s all measurement. If your worried about it being a little too stretchy on size 8 you could try a size 7 needle.

GOOD LUCK - It’s a classic looking pattern!

Thank you so much… :cheering: I was trying to figure it out and kept getting everything mixed up :rollseyes: Needless to say, I was nowhere NEAR your calculations… good thing I asked instead of trusting my own. :doh:

Let us know how it goes. I made this for my dad, but DH loved it and wants one too. I’d love to do one in a more heathery color!

I played around with the online swatches to get a feel for the pattern I will do. So far, they look like this: (this is paintshop imaging, not the real deal)

For what its worth, I like the second from the top. :rollseyes:

lol I was still trying to adjust them… sorry about that… that was a really fast response :lol:

If nothing else, I’m really on the ball! I now like the one on the top right. I hope its the same one or my credibility is shot! :rollseyes: