I've watched the provisional CO video TEN TIMES, but

My waste yarn is NOT coming out on the bottom like Amy’s is in the video…it’s all twisted in between, or its only going through every other st.

It looks to me like she’s taking the needle in between the two yarns, then over and around the back of the whole shabang. Is she doing something else during the last part of the motion that Im not seeing?

I could never get it either. Here is a link that shows an alternate way of doing the provisional cast on that seemed to make more sense to me.

Whatcha making???

I find that it’s easier if you sort of rotate your left hand back and forth between stitches. When it’s first cast on, it does look a bit messy and twisted up. But once you start knitting, it will straighten out.

This is what it looks like when I first cast on. The blue is the main yarn, pink is the waste yarn.

BTW… this is a view of the bottom of the cast on.

Blasphamy! You linked to ANOTHER video knitting site! Woowoo… you’re in trouble now. :roflhard:

Ok ok… that IS another way to do a provisional cast on. :wink:

Blasphamy! You linked to ANOTHER video knitting site! Woowoo… you’re in trouble now. :roflhard:

Ok ok… that IS another way to do a provisional cast on. ;)[/quote]

Am I off the hook if I say that I got this link from someone else on this site??? It’s just blasphemy by association on my part! :roflhard:

[size=5]NO! :fingerwag: NO NO NO!!! I WILL NOT LOOK AT VIDEOS FROM ANOTHER SITE!!! :mad:[/size]
[size=2]Ill try it…shhhh![/size] :hiding:

Sil, I wish there was some way you could show me whatcha mean by rotating your left hand…

Im making my own version of the Irish Hiking Scarf for a friend’s B-day in 2 weeks. Here’s the back story…

A coworker gave me some LB Woolease. I started with that. Problems: (1) I dont like the texture (Im spoiled rotten now, you know) and (2) I dont like the fact that one side of the scarf is gonna be UGLY.

SO - I went to the LYS, bought double the amt of Plymouth Encore (much softer than the LBWE) and Im gonna knit the scarf in the round with 2 matching sides, and either kitchener st or 3-needle BO the ends together.

Either will mean Im gonna need live sts at the CO edge.

What about using the good old crochet provisional cast on. Works fine, no muss, no fuss.

That’s what Knitqueen’s BLASPHEMOUS video that I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT WATCH just told me to do…it worked out fine. Or, um, would have if I had actually watched it, I mean… :shifty:

AHA!! That WAS you that I just saw on Cheaters!! :fingerwag:

Ha ha ha. Well Kelly, it’s not difficult doing it the way Amy does coz I managed that! The problem is, I couldn’t rip it out, it wasn’t PROVISIONAL. So, I did something wrong even though I can cast it on.

gotta admit (I’m sure Amy would too!) Ms. KnittingatKnoon is darn easy to follow, she’s so simplistic. I think I’ll do the crochet cast on next time.


I had this problem too… Amy does do sort of a “flip” of the yarn. If you don’t do it, it will mess you all up. It is a very small motion… but hopefully if you know what to look for (at the very end of the stitch) maybe you’ll see it. After you “get that” part of the cast on it is SIMPLE!