I've seen it all now

My LYS has a blog, and it seems there is nothing that’s off-limits when it comes to knitting it.

Uterus (Scroll to the bottom for the photo)

At least they have some kind of excuse, being future midwives.

Knitty has that pattern.

Yeah…weird. Very weird.

I could see how it would be useful as a training aid, like if you were explaining anatomy to a child.

I seem to remember someone posting a picture (might have been here… can’t remember) to a digestive system that someone knitted!

A little offbeat… but when my DS is old enough for me to tell him about the inside of our bodies, I might be scouring the 'net looking for those patterns! LOL.

The digestive system has been talking about all over!


Oh. MY. GOD. Exactly what would be running through one’s head as they knit a RECTUM? :oops:

Oh, i love that uterus pattern!

My sister and i both teach (or have taught) anatomy and my BIL is an OB/GYN. I figure it’s only a matter of time before i make one for his practice! :lol:

The body is beautiful, inside and out! :slight_smile:


I’m with hedgehog!!

I also love that pattern! :heart: :heart:

Huh… I guess I can gauge how far I’ve come in knitting- :rollseyes: my only thought was wondering how it would felt up.

:roflhard: :roflhard:

My midwifes clients often drops their kids off to teach their children about sex, periods, birth control, etc. I know she would love to have these type of teaching aids.

I’ve seen another knitted uterus that a baby doll fits in. So you can see how a babies head rotates through the pelvis. Those are cool.

Ive always been really open with my kids about these things so when they are older its no biggie. I bet my daughters wouldnt think twice if I knit them a uterus! But then my son might ask for the equivelant! Not sure I want that in the toy box!


Ahem!! As a proud female, I must note that there IS no male equivalent to the uterus! :rofling:

Ingrid, <giggle>

My three year old asked me the other day “How’d dat baby get in dare?”

My son used to say that his baby sister was in Mommy’s universe!

Oh Ingrid, you are right! There really is no male equivalent. :notworthy: I’m sorry for putting down womynkind and suggesting such a thing!

:?? What was I thinking?


And thankfully, ain’t that how the one we live in came to be, in a wo-manner of speaking!

Dying to know if you’ve ever seen a baby been born, HH? I don’t mean have you had a baby, but have you actually SEEN what happens to everything when the baby comes out? shrudder Not so beautiful, IMHO. :rofling:

I think a knitted uterus is so terrific! Of course, since I’m a doula (a professional childbirth coach), it’s kind of my JOB to like these types of things. I would love to use the knitted uterus as a teaching tool. I too have seen the knitted uterus that has the baby inside.

My daughter was born at home, and my son, who is 6, came in RIGHT after she came out. He announced what sex she was and got to cut the cord. It was the most incredible moment, and I was so proud of him … then the kid marched into the bathroom with the midwives and examined the placenta with them!!

Now, as a doulas’ son, the kid knows more about female anatomy than most women I know, and it’s hysterical to hear him correct the occasional adult who says that babies grow in a mommy’s “tummy”.

Anyway, back to knitting …