I've never knitted anything before. I need some help

Hiii, thanks for looking at my thread. <3
Well, anyway, I’ve never knitted anything before, and I’ve always been interested in trying to learn to knit or crochet, and have finally gotten around to it. (Using wanting to make something for someone for Christmas my excuse to start, teehee~) So I went to Michael’s and bought a “learn to knit: knit a teddy bear” kit. Honestly, I would’ve rather started with something easier like a scarf or beanie or something, but…well, I won’t lie, I was being picky and didn’t really like any of the other designs I saw there. xD It says it’s got easy to follow instructions, but I’m having some trouble understanding them…I’ve attached the page of instructions I was on (which is before the actual project, teaching me how to slip knot, cast on, and then this, where I got stuck), and two pictures of what I was doing. One being step 2, and one being step 3, if I got them right, hopefully? Please tell me if they look wrong, since I wasn’t exactly sure I would I was doing.

Okay, so, first of all…It says that the left needle should be on top…So, how come in diagram K it’s on the bottom? I just ignored that and tried to go on, but maybe that’s important and I’m just missing something? Anyway, I tried to continue, and then when I got to step 4, I just had no idea what it meant. I tried a few things, but the diagram didn’t help me at all, and when I tried to do step 5, it would always look way off, or just slip back into the original cast on. Can someone please explain this to me better than these instructions did? xD

Thanks in advance. <3

It looks like you’re putting your needle between the stitches rather an into the loop.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and take a look at the videos on this site. They’re wonderful, patient and very instructive. Here’s one on the knit stitch. They can all be found at the top of the page.http://www.knittinghelp.com/apps/flash/video_player/play/125/1

Thanks for the quick and simple reply, I’ll try that. :smiley:

Well, actually, I tried putting it through the loop instead, but when I try to do step 3 and try to wrap the yarn around, it just slips into the area between the stitches anyway…I guess I still don’t understand. The video was just kind of confusing to me…I get confused and discouraged so easily.

The left needle should be sort of behind the right needle, if that helps.

Put your needle into the first loop (just the leg closest to you, from left to right; and front to back). Your right needle will then have the point behind your left needle.

You wrap your yarn just around the tip of the right needle, so it lays between the 2 needles. Hold it snug, but not too tight.

Slide your right needle down and swing it to the front of the left needle, making sure to catch the yarn you wrapped around (this makes your new stitch, which stays on your right needle).

Slide your right needle up, dropping the stitch off the left needle.

Watching the video is really great. It might help to watch it several times, with your knitting in hand to follow along. You can pause it to examine a particular part that might be giving you problems. There are other videos, YouTube for example has some, that might have just that extra word that might make it clear for you.

Trin, if you’re still having trouble, I would go find a craft store or yarn store and get someone to help you. They may offer classes, or maybe someone in the store will help you out. We’re happy to help here, but sometimes you can get better help from someone who can see what you’re doing. Either way, do come back and show us your progress! :slight_smile: