I've knitted long enough to know what I don't like doing

I finished the granddaughter’s dress and enjoyed knitting every stitch. THEN came the weaving in of all the ends. I hated every minute of it.

What about you guys? What do you dislike doing to finish a project.

Yeah, I admit…HATE weaving in the ends…so, I have started weaving them in as I go along :wink:
And, I’m not terribly fond of seaming, either.

I’ve been working on a tote bag that will eventually be felted. It’s takes four different colors and I have to change colors every 6 to 20 stitches for the pattern. What a MESS the back is. :shock: I’m weaving in as I go but I will think twice before doing a project like this again. There is NO way I could ever do a sweater or a scarf where the underside would be seen. At least the tote bag will be lined with pretty fabric to hide the mess. But this is not an enjoyable project with the changing of colors. I am knitting myself an easy sweater and a baby sweater in between working on this bag. Usually I knit fast…but not on this tote bag. :frowning:

What I have a problem with is row after row after row after row of garter or stockinette, unless there’s something to liven it up like color changes. (That’s why my son’s cardigan is lagging behind! :doh: )

I can’t stand weaving in ends either. In fact, I have about 10 projects that are completed and have not had the ends woven yet. I’m NOT looking forward to weaving in on my stranded project. :shock:

Ditto to the weaving. I used to hate seaming just as much, but now that I’ve gotten better at it, it’s not so bad. But weaving? :rollseyes: I do split (or spit)-splice whenever possible to avoid it.

I also HATE, HATE, HATE weaving in ends :shock: . Seaming is pretty tedious too, but not nearly as much as ends shudder.

I loathe weaving in ends and seaming… but I think I’d rather seam than weave in ends. haha!

Seaming here :lol: if its not done in the round I have to really like the pattern or it may just lay there waiting for someone to come along and seam it… I try to weave my ends as I go so I don’t have to go back but that would be second… :smiley:

I also try to weave in the ends as I go, or I know I’ll get the thing finished and it’ll sit there for months because I won’t want to take the time.

errr I have SEVEN pairs of socks that are done except for the toes being sewed up. :shock: