I've GOT to get back on the knitting bandwagon!

I did a very bad thing ladies (and gentlemen :wink: )

I put DOWN my knitting needles. I keep thinking of cute things I want to make but just haven’t been able to get myself motivated to get going again.

I made a deal with a girlfriend of mine. She sews, and I knit. So she is going to make me something if I make HER something. :XX:

Help me get inspired ladies.

I want to make her a girly PINK scarf or something. Any suggestions?

what about a corkscrew scarf?

Ooh, that would be fun! :thumbsup:

ew I’ve never tried anything fancy before! I have only done basic knitting or purling since I am still a novice.

I may just need to break out of my safety zone and do something different!

well that’s probably why you hit the wall. when a woman at the LYS told me how to make the corkscrew scarf i looked at her like she was crazy. knit into the front and back of the stitch? are you outta yer mind?

it is easy if you don’t knit too tight and the worst part about it is the bind off. it is a LOT of stitches to bind off but the excitement of how cool it starts looking when you do makes it worth it. and a nice fuzzy not fun fur! just a fuzzy halo kinda yarn would definitely but girly!

it is a pretty quick knit and amy has the video for knitting into the front and back on here! :thumbsup:

If a corkscrew scarf isn’t your friends style - How about a wavy scarf? It’s just knits and purls…

I made one (in pink) for a friend’s graduation - it was a huge hit!