It's HARD to Find Men's Fisherman's Sweater Patterns!

I tried searching for fishermen’s sweaters / aran sweaters on Ravelry and on blogs. It’s HARD to find any!!! If you have a pattern to share, please do!

Try Lion Brand…you have to create an account, log in and start checking the patterns:hug:

Are you meaning the traditional patterns where the design was on the chest only? Can’t you just knit any sweater like that? I found 3 pages of aran men patterns on Ravelry. Most are not free if that’s what you mean. Here’s a few that could be altered to be traditional.

Here’s a book or two… Maybe your library has them… ?

I posted a pattern for a Portuguese fisherman’s sweater last winter. I will post it again now. It uses a cluster stitch as a background, and I recommend practicing that before starting a sweater. I am almost finished with the one I am working on now - using double-stranded Lion Wool and WoolEase in heather grey and ultramarine variegated yarns - gives a nice “marled” effect! Audrey V

Sounds great! Please post a link to the Rav page and/or photos here so we can all admire it and bookmark it.

I’ve never heard of a Portuguese fisherman’s sweater. I really want to see it.

No I didn’t want to be too specific, I searched for any. Got a lot of aran weight things instead. Thanks!!!

It’s an old thread, however, we have Fisherman patterns…

sorry, our site is

Thanks, beautiful sweaters. They are already knitted or the price is for yarn and pattern?

I like the St. Andrews and Land & Sea.

Checkout Paton’s yarns on line for a man’s cabled crew neck sweater in their Classic Wool. They show it in a deep forest green. I have about 3/4s of it done in a heather grey. Don’t know if it will suit you but it’s a free pattern and I like it. It’s certainly worth a look.

Thanks. I found a really nice on in their booklet Patons #1270, Merino Totem DK Ribs & Cables on Ravelry

I haven’t seen too many designs out there, but I did want to tell you about one that I know of. This eBook of men’s knitting patterns from Knitting Daily that has a great fisherman sweater in it, along with some other great patterns I am sure the guys will enjoy!

Hope that helps!

This thread is several years old, BUT this is great information to have, so thanks for posting. I’m sure others will be interested in this, too.

They have a forum for ganseys in Ravelry.

Also there is a very good book that I own called “Knitting Ganseys” by Beth Brown Reisel. She teaches you how to design your own by knitting a mini gansey. She also includes patterns.