"It's cool that you knit"

I was working on my mom’s sweater today at lunch when I noticed a kindergartener watching me. “It’s cool that you knit” she said. Seems like a lot has changed. I have always been a needler. Needle point, crochet and knitting have all been passions of mine over the years. I have NEVER had a needling buddy. In all the years I have been doing this, I’ve never known anyone else that was a close friend that also knits. Anyway, I digress. I just love how the kids in my school are interested in needlecraft. I do a knitting class every year and it is a big hit. One of the teachers I taught last year has become an avid (even better than me too) knitter. I just feel a little rush of pride whenever I see her knitting. To know that I have brought something special into her life. Of course, I also worry she’ll snap and have me killed when she realizes how it will consume her life. :slight_smile:

I know what you mean!! I even take my knitting in when I go back with my mom to her doctor, and the MEN doctors even say , “Oh–you knit–what’s that you’re making?” Since it’s usually a sock, they’re always amazed when you show them that two sticks and some yarn really weave up socks!! Funny–and I love it!! I’ve steered a many a nurse to this site! :wink:

LOL, my doc is waiting for his handknit socks :wink:

OMG…kids LOVE to watch knitters! My niece (2.5 yrs) and my bro’s GF’s dtr (5) both LOVE to wrap the yarn for me. The older one will do that for HOURS! I think its just the fact that, with the comeback made by the needlearts lately, they are exposed to it more often before they are old enough to think something is “weird” or uncool.

I used to be a Goddess to my niece…then she turned 13, and I was demoted to Aunt. She’s always known that I’ve stitched, knit and crocheted. But when she admired my glitzy scarf the other day and I told her I’d made it, her eyes opened wide. When I mentioned I’d also knit my obviously cool-and-to-die-for-socks, she practically fell down and worshipped me! I feel Goddess-hood coming on!


My kids love when I knit… and they both ask what are you knitting?? so cute… only thing is they have all these projects for me to knit them esp. my 5yr old son that I don’t get to knit for myself :lol: after Topi for him I said ok mommy is now gonna knit something for herself… so I started the Green Gable… well today I decided it was Starsky time… so outside today my son says what are you knitting (with my daughter then appearing and reasking) I say a sweater for mommy… he says but you had your turn the purple sweater… I said yeah but I didn’t finish it he said with a heavy sigh… well can you start my spider man sweater then since you don’t have to finish things now?? :rofling: I told him he has a few months before he could wear it and I have plenty of time… I hope… :shock:

My doctor always asks what I’m knitting… this time she told me that everytime she sees me she thinks I want to knit… then I leave and she forgets till she sees me again… I told her she should check out this site and the LYS… she didn’t know we had one cause its in the vacumm store :rofling: I Hope she does take it up…

that is so cool! back in your rightful place :slight_smile:
ps i am in michigan, too! royal oak…


I GREW UP in RO!!! 13 and Main!!! Oh how I miss home every now and again!!!

My dh and I were at my stepdd’s house a few months ago, and the grandsons, who are 8 & 9 were running around the house, playing, while the rest of us were watching a football game on tv. I was sitting on the couch, idly knitting, with one eye on the tv, and one eye on my knitting, when I happened to look over and see that the 8 year old had sat down next to me, and seemed to be enthralled with the process of what I was doing. He was very curious.

Had we been at my house, and the child’s “macho” dad not been around, I’d have put a set of needles in his hands and taught him a little. :wink:

People at work all ask me what I’m knitting :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve even had two guys ask me how to knit, and watch in awe XD