It's a long shot (pattern help)

Back in 2011 I knit my husband a cabled hat. He loved it and wore it constantly. Well, last year, he misplaced it while we were visiting relatives and haven’t recovered it since. I thought I would knit him the same hat with the same type of yarn for our upcoming wedding anniversary. The problem is, I can’t find the exact pattern I used. I know it was a free pattern on Ravelry, but that’s about it. I’m seeing some that are similar, but not the exact one. Attached is a photo of him wearing it, I’m not sure if it will be helpful enough to figure out the pattern or not. Please help??

Thanks in advance!

You’ve tried using Advanced Search, right? As in free patterns, then check off the yarn weight and maybe the brand, cables as an attribute, etc.? Sometimes, for no reason I can figure, you have to leave off one attribute, then another to turn up the right pattern.

The yarn weight I used was different than the pattern, and I don’t remember the weight it suggested. I have used the advanced search though. No luck.

It looks like a pretty basic cabled hat. Maybe one of these is it or will work?

I know it’s a basic cabled hat, but the cables alternated, which was something that made it look more interesting. That’s what I was having difficulty finding. Thank you for the suggestions.