It's a girlie!

I just found out that I’ll be having a girl in October, which is great news, but I was sorta hoping for a boy. All the blueish stuff I’ve started to knit in an effort to convince bub to be a boy is gonna have to be overdyed with red to make them purplish colours! But oh well! I can’t be too disappointed, everything looks great on the scan, so at this stage she’s looking healthy which is all one could hope for really!

DD is thrilled she’s getting a sister though :teehee: and at least i won’t have to buy new clothes for the little one.

Just wanted to update everyone is all…

Two sisters is great. I have a sister and we :heart::heart: each other. Great news :hug:


Congratulations, have fun with all that knitting.

Congratulations! I have a sister, and it’s just the two of us. I can’t imagine having had a brother (although I do have a son, and I absolutely adore him).

i have two girls and i can’t imagine having a boy. :oo: :pray: don’t get me wrong…boys are great. love my nephews to death. but i just love all the cute clothes and the funny, frilly things they do. like my 5yo who has dreams about kissing mermaid boys. :roflhard:


Girls are more fun to knit for. :teehee:

No reason girls can’t wear blue. It’s easy to “girl up” a blue sweater with cute buttons or bows. I’m making a baby blue girly sweater right now. :wink:

I agree! lol

Congratulations! You could always add some felted or knitted (or crocheted) flowers to your blue knits, or maybe some duplicate stitching with flowers to add some girly touches to them!

dakatzmeow, that is so cute!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkgreen]Congrats… I always wanted a sister :([/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Congratulations! I know exactly how you feel - I was sort of hoping for a boy the second time, but now I couldn’t imagine it any other way. :heart:

Congratulations!! :cheering: And I agree with Jan - girls are more fun to knit for! I knit for my girls all the time, but have only managed a sweater for my son - and I never even put the thing together at that - (brown homespun makes icky sweaters :ick:!) And I love blue on girls!


I have a brother and a sister and I get along waaaaayyy better with my brother than my sister.

I have 2 boys and 2 girls. The girls always wanted/want to wear boy clothes… they don’t do “girly.”

yeah, I have a brother and he is like my best friend. And I guess I have a terribly weird reason for wanting a boy really… I seem to be under the misguided impression that it will be the only man in my life that will be there forever, that i can tell what to do, etc :teehee:

But I suppose that is an awful lot of pressure to have put on the little tyke if he did come along - maybe that’s why I got another girl, it was too scared to be a boy! LOL!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes - she’s kicking up a storm in there, I think she can’t wait to come out and play.

Congrats! I have 2 little girls (they’re 15 months apart) and are the best of friends (they fight, don’t get me wrong)…but it’s nice to have 2 girls.

It was the exact opposite for me! I was hoping for a girl, and was knitting for a girl, and it’s a boy! Alas, everything is healthy here, as well, and the little one is due Nov. 11th. Congrats Dee!

3 daughters for me and, now that they’re 21, 23 and 25, I ache with missing them.

I was so excited when I found out my 2nd was going to be a girl. Watching little girls get all giggly with each each is priceless.

And I agree. You can definitely dress up that blue. Don’t dye it! You could embroider little pink hearts all over it.