Itchy yarn

Drat!! My Gram :XX: made soaker pants for my daughter and she really meant well but she used some wool that I swear must be as old as I am and its very rough/itchy :crying: - she’s very frugal, I shoulda known when I said- should I send you the yarn? And she said oh no, its ok I have some wool… The soaker fits nice and I want to be able to use it- is there any way at all to make it softer? :??
I also think she’s planning to make another soaker and some longies- I hope she ran out of yarn so I can send her some soft yarn!! :rollseyes:

Is it washable wool? If so then you might try washing it and using some fabric softener. I don’t think it’ll make it super soft, but it might help.

Some wool yarns are very rough, especially the ones that are less processed. You can try washing it with wool wash, and rinsing it with a little hair conditioner–I haven’t tried the conditioner, but I’ve read that it can help soften yarn. I think there’s also something made of lanolin that helps, too.

If you’re a sewer, then perhaps putting in a fleece or flannel liner on the inside would help.