It must be too cold for dog school!

I wouldn’t care that it is super cold and supposedly going to be 28deg with chance of snow flurries other than the fact that we have our dog in agility classes that run from 6:30-8pm !! When I signed up for the second sessions I never thought about how freezing cold it would be by the end. We still have 2 more sessions. I can’t even take hot chocolate or coffee with me b/c I have to have one hand on the dog leash and one hand on a treat and be running along with her. OYE

Oh man… hey at least all the running should help to keep you warm. :teehee:

Sending warm fuzzy thoughts for you and your pup. Just keep thinking how exhilarating it is.

I’m in NC and I’m not ready for snow. :cry: My sister in law is Vietnamse and lives in Viet Nam.She is moving here in about 3 weeks. She was here in March and about froze then.I’m thinking about taking her thermal long johns to the airport:teehee:

I hear ya! We are in the middle of football playoffs and I froze my heiniebumper off at a game on Saturday. I hope it’s nicer this coming weekend!