Issues with pattern for Highland Knits: Boars Hunt Capelet

I am a very new knitter and I have been working on the boars hunt capelet from the Highland Knits book. After completing about 20 rows i’ve noticed that all of my lines created by S2KP are leaning in the same direction rather than pointing in to the middle as they appear to do in the picture. I don’t know if there’s a problem with the pattern or if I’m doing something wrong. Is this pattern correct? If so what am I doing wrong? If I continue in this way I’m going to keep decreasing my stitches towards the border and run into it on one side! Help please!!!

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Here’s a link to notes for one project from the Ravelry page. There are several complaints about this pattern, chiefly about moving the stitch markers. It seems that the solution is either to put the stitch marker on the center stitch of the centered double decrease (the s2kp) or not to use stitch markers once you set up that stitch.

We need your help now too. Please edit your post to remove the link to the pdf. Links to bought patterns aren’t permitted because of copyright restrictions. Giving us a line or two of a pattern is ok but not more.

Thanks for the help! This makes total sense to me, but when you say place the marker on the center stitch do you mean before I make the knit stitch? Thanks!!

Mark the first time that you do the s2kp in the stitch after it’s made using a removable marker or safety pin. Then watch for that stitch on the row below or 2rows below or 4,and work the dec so it lines up. After a couple of rows of decreases you’ll clearly see the rib that forms and you won’t even need the marker.
You can see what I mean in the 4th photo down in this tutorial.