ISO Vintage Dazzleaire Yarn by Caron

Hi. I am looking to buy vintage Dazzleaire yarn by Caron. Interested in any color. Will send payment through paypal. Zip code:61011 for figuring shipping. Thanks… Ang.

I have several partial skeins of this yummy yarn. I have a few petite Dazzleair and the regular Dazzleair. What information should I send you? I have about 10 partial skeins but most of them are close to full.

If you still have it, I am interested in purchasing it. Jan

If she no longer has it, I have some. PM me.

I am interested in vintage Dazzleaire, especially pastel pink or blue or mint green. Does anyone have any?

I am interested in the Dazzleaire if you have some. I can use paypal. Zip is 48002

Will check on exactly what and how much I have and get back with you soon.

I believe I have some if you are interested, just let me know

I have 2 skeins of Dazzelaire yarn. 1 skein baby rainbow ombre and 1 skein silver sparkle

If you have not yet been contacted about your petite Dazzleaire yarn, please let me know. I have several skeins of various colors and need some “fill in” skeins. I am making baby blankets for one of our local homes for unwed new mothers. I’ve resorted to stripes to be able to mix up some of these skeins that I have left, so anything would be welcome.

I have 9 skeins of Blue Cranberry Ombre and 10 skeins of Dark Celestial Blue

I finally got around to checking it out and mine is not Dazzleaire, I am sorry that I got your hopes up.

I sent you a personal message. Please email me. Thanks… Ang.

I am new to this site so I cannot send you a PMS or email directly, PeggySueS–interested in Dazzleaire Blue Cranberry ombre. Am currently at the end of a project and ran out of this yarn. If you or anyone else has some, please contact me.