ISO Toe up no seam Sock pattern

Okay, did my share of hat knitting for awhile (cranked out 12 in 5 days):woohoo: I want to “try socks”…but I want to do toe-up…Tried Silver’s Tut…looked at Knitting :zombie: till I’m blue in the face…anyone have a simple sock pattern? Oh yea, for a dude…Thanks

Silver has great patterns, but because it’s two at once it probably is confusing. There are tons of them on Ravelry if you go look there.

Here’s a toe up on two circular needles.

Toe up anklets

Thanks Jan, I think I can try those!!!

I’m knitting toe up socks (on 2 circs) for my brother right now. I didn’t use a pattern though. There are different ways to start the toe. I’ve done the figure eight cast on and the short row toe. Here’s a link at knitty that gives you three different ways to start a toe with lots of good pictures. There is also a good link to a generic toe up sock tutorial in that article. My brother’s socks are knit with a self patterning sock yarn in straight stockinette.