ISO Men's vest pattern

Hi all.

So my DH said he would wear a deep v-necked vest with buttons down the front. (A Fair Isle one with [color=red][size=6]very[/size][/color] muted shades of silver, grey and black. Bring on the lobotomy!!! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: )

However, because he indulges my knitting obsession, er, hobby, and 'cause he’s the love of my life, I’ll knit anything for the guy.

I am very enthralled by Fair Isle patterns. I am less than enthralled at the thought of knitting this on straight needles and would really prefer to make it in the round. I’m willing to steek, no problem. What’s getting me is how to make a deep v-neck sweater in the round.

All the vest patterns I’m finding don’t go very deep down the front. And most are made flat. Horrors! Ok, so there. You guys know what I’m looking for. Anyone seen what I’m looking for? Still confused?

Thanks in advance,

here are a couple Dale of Norway patterns you may have seen, but it doesn’t give any indication on their construction…

OK, I know the one on the right is a woman’s pattern, is your DH a big fella, could he wear a women’s XL? With the buttons switched around of course. :wink: